Smith Services, a Timken brand, is one of the largest motor service organizations in the United States.

In-House Motor Decon

The Schulz Decon Facility

Schulz Electric's decontamination facility is a 1650-ft2 restricted area where licensed material is received and decontaminated. Two thirds of this restricted area is the Decontamination Area. One third of the restricted area is a radiologically clean transition, storage, and dress area. All walls in the Decontamination Area are sheathed in 20 foot high stainless steel. Decontamination in this area will be accomplished by steam cleaning or by a cryogenic cleaning system.


Steel Decontamination Pad

Located inside the Decon Area is a 10-foot by 10-foot steel grid Decon Pad, on which motors are placed during steam cleaning. Underneath is a catch tank approximately 8 inches deep.

Condensate Collection

Condensate collected in the catch tank is pumped through a filter and a mixed-resin bed to a holding tank. This tank will be sampled periodically, and if it meets the radiological release criteria is sent to the building wastewater holding tank.

HEPA Filtered Ventilation

A HEPA filtered ventilation system takes suction on the Decontamination Area and discharges 85% of the filtered air back into the clean dress area. The remaining 15% of the filtered air is discharged to the environment. The discharge stack is equipped with an isokinetic probe, in-line air sampler to collect a representative sample of discharged air.

Air Concentrations

Air discharges will be held to less than the concentrations listed in 10CFR20 Appendix B, Table 2, Column 1. Records of all discharges of licensed material to air is maintained. The HEPA ventilation system runs, at a minimum, during sandblasting operations or when other dry decontamination methods are in use.